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Garage Door Repair Services

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Our company offers premium repair, maintenance, and installation services to residences. Our workforce is capable of fixing almost everything related to garage doors – essential parts such as torsion springs and opener motors; adjustment of door alignment, brackets, mounting hardware, etc.; fixing of remote controls and sensors; and repairing of miscellaneous minor issues such as snapped wires and faulty switches.Garage Door Repair Services

Garage Door Opener Repair

While a torsion spring is the part which does the heavy lifting (of the door), the opener is considered to be the most important component. It comes in different types and categories. It can either be manually controlled through a switch or remote-controlled from inside your car using a sensor-based system. The latter uses a slightly more complex mechanism than the former, which makes its servicing a slightly difficult task. Our technicians are, however, well-trained to handle all such mechanisms.

Repairing of All Types of Drives

Different openers make use of different driving techniques to pull and release the door. There are four main types – belt, chain, screw, and jackscrew. While screw- and jackscrew-driven openers are rare due to their obsolete technology, most residence owners go with either belt- or chain-drive depending upon their budget. Belt-drive mechanism allows for a quieter operation, but at a heavier price. On the other hand, chain-drive openers are the most common, and are also the easiest to handle and repair.

Common Problems with Door Openers

Following are some of the most common problems associated with openers.

*   Dead batteries

*   Faulty transmitters/receivers

*   Faulty motor

*   AC power issues

*   Broken belt/chain

*   Issues with the electronic circuit board

For all such cases, our team has the requisite experience and equipment to find the best solution. We also offer emergency and same day garage door service repair.

To schedule a technician visit for a quick inspection of your door opener, contact Garage Door Repair San Marcos.

Just give us a call or visit our website, and our team will be at your doorstep in no time.

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