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How long does happiness last? Garage Door Repair San Marcos manages to combine your happiness with its good work! Do you know how? The first thing which makes people happy is their family and the excellent health of every member of their family. With our garage door maintenance, there is no chance to ever get yourself involved in an accident unless you break the springs, disconnect the opener and stand under the overhead door. Happiness might not come with garage doors but people's daily convenience and lack of problems related to these systems make them feel reassured, confident and relaxed.

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About our company

Our excellence as technicians guarantees safety

We don't aim at customer satisfaction but customer safety. We know that by keeping the customer safe, meeting his demands and offering exquisite garage door service, customer satisfaction will come naturally. The prime and only concern of our company is to make sure your roll up is repaired on time, the opener is maintained perfectly and every one of your requests has been fulfilled. We guarantee:

* Same day service if you have emergency problems with garage door parts, the panel or the opener

* Excellent replacement of all doors, their windows and all parts including the electric operators and their parts

* Proper installation of all parts, doors and openers with great emphasis to local building rules and all UL 325 regulations in regard to opener installation

* Great repairs whether the cable came off the drum or the door came off the track

* Fast assistance whenever some parts do not work at their best or their movement is noisy

* Thorough opener troubleshooting and immediate solutions to all problems

We take care of each task as fast as we can. Our professionals will never be in haste and will complete their job with attention. We choose to work with meticulous technicians and this is to our privilege and to your advantage. Services need expert hands, inventive minds and enthusiasts in the profession. Our team fulfills all these requirements. Do you want to know what a customer wrote about us? Read his story.

“As a new guy in town, I didn't know any garage door companies and the extension springs had to be changed ASAP. So, I got new ones, put my sweats on and spend my Sunday in the garage. Thankfully the springs were flexible because I had to stretch them to fasten them. When I proudly finished and pressed to close the door, it stopped mid-way. The springs were ready to snap. “Oh, gosh” I said and run to the neighbor. Instead of introducing myself I asked for the number of a good company. “Who are you?” the neighbor said but gave me the number of Garage Door Repair San Marcos all the same. Fortunately, the technician came a couple of hours later with new springs (since I had obviously chosen the wrong ones) and fixed the problem. I couldn't be more appreciative.”

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