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Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid with Garage Door Maintenance

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Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid with Garage Door Maintenance

Mistakes to Avoid with Garage Door Maintenance | Garage Door Repair San Marcos, TX

Garage door maintenance is one of those things many homeowners put to the back of the mind, but the truth is that this is the heaviest piece of equipment in your home, and as such, it requires careful inspections on a regular basis.

In many households, garages have a secondary purpose such as a store room, a gym room, or even a home office. No matter the purpose you decide to use yours for, it's essential to maintain the door in a good working condition for enhanced safety and security.

  1. Lack of Inspections

    This is the most common mistake homeowners make when it comes to their garage door. Forgetting about inspections or ignoring them due to busy schedules are two of the most frequent reasons for doors to remain uninspected for months or even years. The result of this kind of neglect is often translated in a door that stops working as it should all of a sudden. To avoid having to call an emergency service professional, make sure you inspect the door at least twice a year.
  2. Postponing Repairs

    Even though it may be tempting to ignore a small crack or dent in your garage door, it can actually turn into a more expensive damage when ignored. You may notice a little damage to the springs or a minor panel crack when you're cleaning the door, but choose to dismiss it as minor. It's always a good idea not to underestimate any type of damage, as it may lead to minor or even severe injuries.
  3. DIY Component Replacements

    Many of the common garage door accidents actually occur because homeowners decided to avoid the hassle of calling out a professional and performed DIY repairs and replacements. Even though this may save you some money in the short run, in the long one, you risk your family's safety. Broken torsion springs or cable replacements are best left to professionals. Avoid tacking these as DIY tasks and call your local experts instead!

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