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These tips will give you an idea on how to measure garages and get the best garage door

  • Use two tests for the garage door safety sensors

    The first one involves blocking the sensors by placing an object in front of one of them while the door is opened. When you attempt to close it with the remote, it should not move down. The other one involves waving a broomstick or a garden rake in front of the sensors while the door is closing. In this case, the door must stop and reverse.

  • Update to door openers with safety features

    Automatic garage door systems in the United States are already required to have safety features that include the reversing function and the integration of an electric eye to detect the presence of objects that might be affected by the door’s closing. If your door opener does not have safety features, it’s advisable to upgrade to a new one.

  • Maintain the electric opener often

    Garage door opener maintenance is not necessary only when there are actual problems. Their good inspection, tightening of bolts, chain lubrication and sensors adjustment will ensure that your safety is guaranteed and problems will be eliminated. This way, you can prevent issues and enjoy a functional system.

  • Maintain the opener often

    Electric garage door openers require frequent maintenance since many problems start when the reverse system fails to operate properly. You might need to re-set the adjustments for the opening and closing position of the overhead door. Such interventions will reduce problems and ensure the safety of your family.

  • How to choose garage doors

    Look for solutions to match your needs in terms of the garage door material. Our professionals consider the right choice of electric openers equally important. Make sure openers comply with the UL 325 safety regulations. If you live in hurricane prone areas, purchase our storm garage doors.

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