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Garage Door Repair

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When you get a large mechanism such as a garage door, you get to enjoy all its advantages along with its malfunctions. Of course, every part in this system is made to last, but at some point the daily routine, friction, and tension will get to it. That's where our garage door repair services come into the picture!Garage Door Repair

Getting Your Door Back on Track

If you take a look at your door, you can see a set of tracks the door slides along as it moves. If even one side of the tracks is bent, blocked or somewhat misaligned, the door might get out of it while moving. It might be quite dangerous, and needless to say that operating the door in such a condition (even if possible) is not recommended. Our garage door repair services include full alignment, replacement, adjustment and tightening of the tracks, followed by safely setting the door back on it to make sure it can be safely operated.

Taking Care of All Openers

Openers are supplemental hardware that have become quite commonplace. A garage door can function perfectly fine without an opener but you would have to endure the hassle of getting in and out of your car a couple of time just to operate a manual door. This is the crux of the issue with automation. So, if you already have an opener and it's currently not performing as well as it should, then call us right away and we'll take a look. We have an extensive inventory of replacement parts for gears, circuitry, belts, chains and more, so we should be able to make your opener run as well as a brand new one easily.

Adjusting & Replacing Springs

The spring that you see overhead is the king of your entire garage door setup. It is that big strong torsion spring that allows you to open a heavy door with ease. If you have extension springs, they are found at each side of the door and they basically do the same function but with tension instead of torsion. If your springs snap, call us right away. We have the appropriate garage door repair kits and services that are perfect for the job. Remember, that these springs are dangerous to handle without the proper tools and knowhow, so don't risk your life and limb and just get us, the professionals, to do the work for you.

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If you come across any of the issues above – or any other problem with your door – give us a call! We offer same day services in the local area.

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